Really good test prep for the SAT! My SAT Coach with The Princeton Review It is a great review DS game. Has lots of really helpful tips for taking the test and a good variety of activities. Although some review questions do get repeated, there are a lot of questions that will keep you occupied. […]

4 Important Techniques for SAT Reading   <Technique 1> The Standard Deviants Brain Power Method: Order of Difficulty – In sentence completions and analogies sections, problems start out easy and get harder. Spend time on the easy ones. Guessing – As long as you can eliminate one answer choice, guessing is in your favor. Time […]

How to get a perfect score on SAT Essay? Even if you suck at writing essay. Follow this advice and you’ll get a better chance to have a perfect score on the SAT Essay section. 5 Key Points: Create your own template – your “Universal SAT Essay Template” Research your 25 default examples. Learn to […]

What is the most common answer choice on the SAT? I saw this interesting question on the Yahoo! Answers couple days ago.  And here is what they found: I don’t think this is very useful information but looks like “D” and “C” are the most common choice on the SAT. Based on the Past 10 […]

May 2011 – SAT Essay Prompt   whether people achieve more alone or through teamwork rules and limitations increase happiness Does work or school make you play less “creatively” and actively? We will try to post the essay prompt right after the test on May 7, 2011.

2011 March SAT Critical Reading Questions and Answers Iranian Rug 1. Optimistic 2. Intensity 3. Uninformed pride to chastened understanding 4. Astute Mentor 5. Coherence 6. Arduous 7. Lack of artistic focus 8. Elegant ornament 9. A young novelist who shows her first draft to a respected author VERSUS Doctor who got medical degree but […]

2011 Ten Best Online College reviews Kaplan University – provides associate, bachelor and master degrees. busy schedules of students’, Kaplan University has an excellent selection of easy online portal. The campus exists since 1937 and the online portion is more recent. Students have access to quality education in their homes comfortably.  It offers extremely good […]

2010 – 2011 Test Dates Test U.S. Registration Deadlines* Regular Late January 22, 2011 SAT & Subject Tests December   23, 2010 January 7,  2011 February 12, 2011 (except New York) ACT January  7,  2011 January  21,  2011 March 12, 2011 SAT only February   11, 2011 February  25, 2011 April 9, 2011 ACT March 4,  2011 March […]

Again, Asian-American students outperform other racial groups on SAT exam on 2010 The mean scores on the SAT college entrance test held steady on 2010 as record number of minorities than ever took the SAT exam, according to a report released on September 2010. The average SAT score on 2010 was 1509, the same as […]