May 7, 2011 SAT test in 2 weeks, what should you do?

You don’t have much time to study so you need to study smartly.  Here are the quick SAT study tips:

  1. Try taking the collegeboard blue book since it has the most accurate exam.
  2. Try taking as many practice tests as possible.  That is the more effective way to improve your SAT score in short period of time.
  3. For SAT Math, try our free online Math SAT practice test:
  4. For SAT Reading, don’t spent too much time on memorize SAT vocab before the exam.  It is too late to do anything in 2 weeks.  You just need to be very deliberate about answering your questions and try to avoid making silly mistakes in SAT Reading and Writing test.
  5. You need to be confident and well rested.